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If recent fashion trends are to be believed, then London may well be the next fashion frontier for supermodels over 60!

A 22 year old Middlesex University student – Olivia Ann May – recently used beautiful models over 60 years of age, as she unveiled her collection at the institution’s fashion show held in London. The fashion textile student’s initiative only serves to prove that there is still someone left in London, who’s sensitive towards people of all ages.

Difficult to believe as this may seem, Olivia Ann May’s collection was entirely exhibited by a sexagenarian, a septuagenarian and an octogenarian! The beautiful models over 60 were led on the catwalk by renowned supermodel, Daphne Selfe (83). The other beautiful models over 60 that braced her line – up were Jan de Villeneuve (73) and Pam Lucas (62). The major objective of Olivia Ann May is to bring back glamour and sophistication to the older generation.

Olivia Ann May is without the shadow of a doubt, a very brave young lady. Whilst her colleagues solicited the services of youthful professional models to showcase their designs, she chose to trust her instincts and went for the older models. Indeed, she was not deterred in her quest to find her niche. And her strategy seems to have worked – if the favourable reviews she’s getting from the media and the beautiful models over 60 are anything to go by.

According to Daphne Selfe – ‘the world’s oldest supermodel’ – the work of Olivia Ann May is not only fantastic; it is suitable, colourful and unique. Her choice and range of colours has been lauded as a breath of fresh air – away from the overemphasized and perhaps overused conventional London black. Writing for Gazzette24 – Tony Gussin – describes the young lady as a determined fashion designer who is definitely bound to change the script. There is no doubt that this young lady has a very bright future ahead of her, in fashion. We wish Olivia Ann May all the best as she strives to earn a berth to further showcase her talent at Brick Lane later on in the year.

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